Getting Your Cat to the Clinic

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For a cat to receive healthcare, the owner must travel with the cat to Weste Animal Hospital, which can prove difficult. To make your trip more pleasant, we’ve provided a few tips:

  • Each cat should come to the clinic in its own carrier.
  • The best carriers are made of sturdy plastic. They can open from the top and the front and can be easily taken apart, allowing the cat to stay at the bottom of the carrier (a more familiar space than the table) during most of the examination.
  • When carrying the carrier, keep it stable and horizontal.
  • Secure the carrier in the backseat of the car with a seatbelt. The front seat airbag can injure the cat.

Having trouble getting your cat into the carrier? Make the carrier a comforting place for your cat rather than a stressful one by doing the following:

  • Leave the carrier in an area in your home where the cat spends time.
  • Feed the cat in or near the carrier.
  • Place familiar bedding or some of your clothing inside of the carrier along with treats and toys.
  • Use synthetic facial pheromones in the carrier 10-15 minutes before travel.
  • Routinely travel with the cat for short, non-clinic trips.
  • Reduce motion sickness by withholding food (but not water) from the cat for a few hours before the trip. Therapy for motion sickness can also be used.

To schedule a clinic appointment for your cat, call us today.

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